Moto Made Digital Release no2



Its been a busy summer for rapper-producer Grandbuda. With Piknik Electronik, NXNE and the infamous festival season in Montreal, the emcee has been cleverly dividing his time between the stage and the lab. We can only assume the young rapper has been in the cut, working on a follow-up to his debut EP Esclavos Del Rey. Luckily, Moto Made has blessed you once again with something to listen over and over again.

Bridging the gap between a visual and a sonic experience, Moto Made brings this project together as an interactive online hangout. A clever invitation to use your other senses while enjoying the music. The experience begins with a robbery and wink to GrandBuda’s hispanic descent on ‘Mami (U Scared)'. Close to home, he is joined by homie Panther on ‘Drugs’. Ending with Drake and Kanye West quotes, GrandBuda adresses problems, worries and fears in ‘Uptown’; you might catch yourself singing along to this one.