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After years of DJing and producing, in 2014 GrandBuda decides to pick up the mic himself, launching his first solo rap EP, Esclavos Del Rey, including a collaboration with local hero Kaytranada. At the end of 2015 he releases a 3-track EP on Moto Made coupled with an interactive experience which truly showcases his immense potential. The following year is a busy one for rapper-producer GrandBuda. With Piknik Electronik, NXNE, Osheaga, Mural, ÎleSoniq and the infamous festival season in Montreal, the emcee has been cleverly dividing his time between the stage and the lab. Hitting the Ghost Club Records bat-cave and developing his sound with producer Max-Antoine Gendron (Prince Club), he is now ready to show the world what he’s truly made of with his full length album titled ‘If It Happened To Me’.