Moto Made Selects: 014 Hrmxny

Since the age of 4, hrmxny knew he was destined for bigger things, from flexin' on the girls in his kindergarten class to servin' homies on the handball court, he knew he was going to be special. Now at the age of 19, hrmxny is still flexin' and will never stop flexin', that’s all he knows, that’s all he will ever know. He quotes “Omg omg if I die I’m a legend" from the great Drake, another lightskin from Toronto. “I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.” His new project is dropping soon, featuring Montreal's very own Ryan Playground and GrandBuda, along with Nate Dogg, rip. (Photo by PartyWithSylvain live at Newspeak)

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Yachts Phantoms - Jd Reid
Good God Y'all - Geode
All the Girls - Jr Jarris
Profanity - Zuper
Green Lounge - Krampf
Miley Cyrus - Jelacee
Jumpin' Like Jordan - Rich the Kid
Baile514 - Hrmxny Ft. Grandbuda (Unreleased)
Fuhgedaboudit - Tdy
Wut R U Scared - Color Plus
Sex Drugs Cash - Applebottom
Usb People - Color Plus
Bawbaw - Grandbuda (Unreleased)
Kord - Colour Plus
Vo Vogue - French Fries
2 Cigarellos - Dj Slap City
Canblaster - Bromance Records
Girl U Kno Its Lit