Moto Made Selects: 007 CUFT

CUFT is a duo composed of DJ/producer Benny Simon and Mathieu Bonin (Wyln). Since 2012, they have constantly produced new remixes and edits of very high level. In July 2012, they released their EP Wekedano. Subsequently, in January 2013, their EP Swod came out on Montreal’ Raw Records label. (Photo by @PartyWithSylvain)

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CUFT - 業 (work) [STHWST V4.0.1]
Babyface - The Loneliness (CUFT Remix)
CUFT - Skin [Wineslow EP] Raw records
PARTYNEXTDOOR - Ballin' (CUFT remix) (unreleased)
Yung Gutted - DAGGERS
ABGOHARD -Yung God (Remix) Feat. Vulkan The Krusader (Produced by Yuri Beats)
CUFT - Yung dodo (unreleased)(very rare)
Paco Escobar - I GOT TEARS ON MY IPHONE 5 (Prod. by Mark Arkinson)
Memory Cards - Mythil Stone
Solomondagod - Fuck You (Prod. By Yung Crock)
SILK P A N G E A - Drown
Lil Netzero - Fiji
WYLN - Changes
BLVS JXTSON - False illusion (Prod.VODUZ)
CUFT - ty (unreleased)(rare)