Moto Made Selects: 002 Toast Dawg

Active since 1996, Toast Dawg is an award winning hip hop pioneer, DJ & Producer from Montreal, Canada. The best producers are often excellent DJs and Toast Dawg is definitely one of them. He regularly alternates between scenes of major festivals and his multiple releases and colaborative projects including Traumaturges, Atach Tatuq, Payz Play, Piu Piu and a soon to come release alongside Kid Koala, Poirier, Oh No & Fulgeance.

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Intro -  African Rhythms X Fly like an eagle
Nothing like this
The Oxtopuss
Fall in love remix - Slum Village
Pause break
1nce again (toastdawg 12 years after remix) - ATCQ
Players - Slum Village
Make em' NV
Eve Remix - SPACEK
It's like that
Won't do
Say it
Brazilian Groove (EWF)
Let's ride intro  - Q-Tip
Bend over - Phife Dawg
Do your thang - Black Milk
Let the dollar circulate  - SPACEK - Up Hygh Remix
Electric Wire hustler flower - Common
Fuck the police drum loop
Jealousy - Slum Village
Funky 4 you - Common
Think Twice
Time: The Donut of the Heart